How Strong Is Your “STANCE”? (Stance = Foundation)

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.01.47 AMLook at these 2 houses. (Left) House built on rock. (Right) House built on sand.

     There are many parts to a house; wood, nails, screws, metal, bricks, electricity, windows, and other stuff.  Where do you start when you build a house? Answer: The foundation. Today when a house is being built, builders lay down concrete to give it a strong foundation, like the house that was built on a rock(left). That way it won’t “fall apart” when, things like strong winds come, or rain falls hard, or waves come crashing, or the earth quakes. Your house is still standing, because of  a strong foundation built on a rock. However, if you look at the house on the right, it was built on the sand. Not very strong. In fact, it is a very weak foundation. So when the wind, rain, waves, and earthquakes came, the house built on sand, just fell apart. What kind of foundation do you want, rock or sand?

     Tang Soo Do, and any style of martial art, is very much the same way. There are many parts to it; kicks, punches, blocks, forms, 1-steps, sparring, weapons, board breaking, throws, takedowns, self-defense and… STANCES! Horseback, front, and fighting stances are our basic stances, but each of them are very important to your training. Your moves are actually “built” on your stance.  STANCE = FOUNDATION. How do you get a strong stance? The answer to that is position. The right position gives you good balance, now you have a STRONG stance. The wrong position, makes you unbalanced, WEAK stance. One stance will stay together, the other will fall apart. Is your stance like a rock, or is it like sand?

QUESTION: Did all the wood, nails, screws, metal, bricks, and other stuff ; help the house that was built on the sand? So you mean, all that stuff isn’t worth much, unless you have a strong foundation. The same could be said about your martial arts, all the kicks, punches, blocks, forms, 1-steps, sparring, weapons, board breaking, throws, takedowns, and self-defense are not worth much, unless… you have a strong foundation, or stance.

HEART APPLICATION: The things we learn in Tang Soo Do, or any style of martial arts for that matter, can be applied in our spiritual life. Quite often the things of this world will let us down(much like the sand). When the strong winds, hard rain, crashing waves, and the earthquakes of life come our way, what happens to our foundation? Is it still there when everything is over, or is it washed away, eroded in our hearts?  If we place our faith in earthly things(most of them are good on the surface, just not enough), you might find a point in time in your life when you feel like everything is falling apart and crashing down. How strong is your spiritual foundation? Remember foundation = stance, stance = position… what is your position in Christ? If we place our faith in heavenly things, Jesus, who is God’s son… you just might realize that you have a stronger foundation, spiritually, to make it through the tough times of life. We will all go though tough times, how we make it through them, makes all the difference. Is your faith built on a rock or on sand?

“Enter to Change…Leave to make a difference.”

Master Joe Schibanetz


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