Northstar’s Mission

North Star Karate is a non-profit, Christ centered, martial arts ministry, started in Birmingham in 1998, as a recreational and outreach ministry to our community. We are a member of the International Christian Martial Arts Association (ICMA), founded by Grand Master Jerry Wiles of south Florida, and a member of the International Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists (IFCMA), founded by Soke Max Andrews of Atlanta.

North Star Karate is dedicated to providing a Christ centered opportunity for individuals and families to learn and practice the self-defense principles taught in the Tang Soo Do Korean style of karate. While our rank promotion is based on traditional Tang Soo Do skills, North Star blends the techniques from many others styles, including Hap Ki Do, Niho Kempo, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and more, to provide training in a broad range of practical skills for personal self-defense.

North Star Karate is also the only martial arts school in the Birmingham area with a dedicated program for students challenge by special needs. We have classes designed to meet the needs of persons with learning disabilities, physical limitations, cognitive limitations, and other special requirements. We have a staff that is skilled in working with students, both young and old, who need special attention and care.

We also offer women’s self-defense seminars, karate birthday parties, outreach demonstrations for youth groups, a summer martial arts camp, and anti-bullying programs.

We praise God for the blessing He has poured out on this ministry!