North Star Tang Soo Do Karate and The Christian Martial Arts Association do not entertain or tolerate New Age symbolism, philosophies, or any Eastern Mysticism.

Instead you will find Biblical foundations such as prayer at the beginning and end of each class, scripture memory requirements, discipleship, Christian Fellowship, and evangelical outreach programs.

Students are required to wear a basic, white, karate uniform (Do Bahk) while in class. As students advance in rank, new colored belts are presented, the cost of which is included in the testing fee. The first uniform is included with initial registration, and can be expected to last 1-1/2 to 2 years under normal conditions (fast growing children should ask for a slightly larger initial size). Patches are optional, but are needed to participate in competitive tournaments.

Colored belt ranks must wear all white uniforms, with the appropriate, colored, rank trim for green, brown, and red belts. Virginia Darwin is available to sew on patches and colored belt trim for a nominal fee.

Black Belt ranks wear black pants and black trimmed jackets.

For routine workouts during the hot summer months, jackets are optional.